Leaving So Soon? How to Throw a Going Away Party!

There’s one thing that everyone in the Silicon Valley can agree on, and it’s that the Bay Area is a place of fast turnover. Okay, maybe two – the second being that bacon is delicious. But back to the first, I’ve never lived anywhere else where people change jobs, change apartments, and change significant others so quickly!

With this much shuffling, you may have found yourself throwing a good-bye party (or two, or three…) over the past year. If you haven’t yet, here’s how to go about it.

Send the Invites Early

Change happens quickly, so as soon as you find out that your co-worker just took a job in New York and will be gone by the end of the month, you need to send those Evites out! The end of the month happens in a flash, and if you wait too long, everyone’s social calendar will be filled.image

Be Picky About the Guests

If someone is leaving because of a bad work experience, or because they were recently kicked out of a shared living space, be aware of the individuals you invite. This is where it’s okay not to invite someone. If it’s a co-worker, and they’ve never liked that one guy in the end cubicle, don’t invite him. Your co-worker is leaving for a reason so don’t make the party a downer by inviting people they don’t get along with.

Get a Funny Cake or Themed Cupcakes

Did that co-worker land a dream job on Wall Street? Great! Let them know you’re happy for them by getting a cake covered in dollar signs (or whatever best represents their new job) and maybe some ‘green’ cocktails to go with it.image

Send Them Off With a Card or Small Momentos

They’re leaving, so don’t go overboard, but have a card for everyone to sign, a guestbook for people to jot notes in or postcards of their destination for people to write on. A little something to make sure that person knows you care will go a long way.

Get Their Contact Information

Before the party ends, make sure you have their contact information so you can keep in touch. Leaving is never easy for anyone, no matter the situation, so letting them know you won’t forget them is key!

Have you had to recently say goodbye to friends or loved ones? Did you throw them a party or was a simple handshake enough? Let us know in the comments below!


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