The Art of Napkin Folding

Somehow the week of Thanksgiving always seems to be the BUSIEST week of the year for me, between it being Stir-Up Sunday (yes, I make boozy Christmas pudding) and Thanksgiving (all the pies are being made by me, yessir they are … and the pie crusts too), plus there’s the off chance (read: highly likely) I will get sick, because it’s what I do. #IwillNOTgetsickthisyear

Craziness aside, I have found, over the years, that it’s the small things that really make the biggest impression at the holidays. Little details that people latch onto and remember: a subtle flower arrangement, giving a hostess gift (last week’s salted apple cider caramels make a GREAT gift, btw), making a signature drink (try this cranberry-ginger vodka tonic) for an event, or delicately folded napkins at each place setting.1122baptism-1581234_1920

I developed a small (okay, HUGE) obsession with the art of folding napkins in elementary school. Yes, I was a perfectly normal child … why do you ask? At the age of ten or so I developed a strange need to fold ALL the napkins into fans, roses (this is my FAVORITE napkin fold), fleur-de-lis  … really anything and everything (Google and YouTube are your friend here).

Most napkin folds look smashing set on plates (if you’re setting the table before hand) or centered in the space where your plate will be if you’re a dish it up in the kitchen crowd. There are even a few folds that require the use of a glass (like this crazy peacock fold); the sky is literally the limit when folding napkins.

Taking the time to fold napkins (which people will look at them for 2.5 seconds before putting them in their laps) seems like a strange thing to devote time to, but it adds to the table; to the holiday experience. Like I said, it’s the little details people notice and an intricately folded napkin placed just so … well, trust me and take the time.

Sidebar: GILMORE GIRLS IS COMING … if you need me on Friday I will be on the couch binge watching with pizza tacos, Red Vines, tater-tots, and coffee.


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