5 Colorful Kids Crafts for Fall

Fall might be full of brightly-colored leaves and beautiful scenery, but the season also means a lot of raking—especially for those people living in older neighborhoods. If you’re dreading the constant raking season, you might consider putting those leaves too good use!

If you need some colorful, new crafting ideas for the little ones, the following are 5 cool crafts that you can do with the multi-colored leaves that are taking over your lawn. Simply grab a bag and some gloves, gather a handful of leaves and let them dry before getting to work on these cool crafts!

Leaf Families

Kids will have a great time gathering similar colored leaves to make a “leaf family”. You can give them the job of finding larger leaves for the parents, and smaller leaves to represent themselves and any siblings!

Get together some markers, glitter, and stickers to help them decorate the leaves with clothes, faces, arms, and legs to make them look more like their family members. Glue them down onto a piece of paper and let them finish the craft by drawing on a background!1014leaf-people-600x401

Multi-colored Leaf Trees

These paintings make for very colorful photos but be careful—things might get messy! To make these beautiful tree paintings, gather some different colors of paint and let the kids paint an entire leaf in all different colors.

Just before the paint starts to dry, press the leaf down on a clean piece of paper. The markings from the leaf and the stem will create the image of a tree! Kids can use any colors and leaf shapes that they want—be sure to let them dry before adding anything to the background.10142-leaf-tree

Wall Art

If you want to use up a lot of leaves from the front yard, consider letting the kids create large pieces of artwork out of all types of leaves. You can start them on a large, blank canvas and help them to shape large hearts, stars or even a large leaf out of smaller ones.
This kind of artwork looks great with a wooden or brown backing, and you might even consider framing the artwork to hang during the autumn season. To dress it up a little bit to match your own décor, consider painting all of the leaves white, or adding glitter to the leaves for a fancier look. (Kids love glitter. Your carpet will not. Proceed with caution.)1014l29e34435ddf2eba52d1faeded9bd75fb

Leaf Lantern 

If you’ve got some old mason jars laying around the house, kids can easily transform these into glowing lanterns for the fall or Halloween season. All you’ll need are a few jars, lots of leaves and some mod podge.

Have the kids glue the leaves down in their own creative design and keep the leaves in place with the mod podge. You can place a small tea light candle in the jar, or some old holiday lights that you’re not using. Kids can use a few or a lot of leaves to create different looks through the dancing light.1014l11-leaf-candle

Fall Wreath

 Wreaths don’t have to be complicated and kids will love creating something that they will see hanging on the doorway all season! For kids, you can pre-cut some circle shapes out of construction paper and loop some string through a small hole at the top.

From here, it’s all about the kids as they can glue down leaves, add stickers, ribbon, holiday décor and more to their design! Unless you have a covered porch, you’ll want to hang these wreaths on the insides of doors, such as on the bathroom door, etc. so that the wreath is protected from outside elements. This is a great way to get kids involved in decorating the home for the fall. If they really enjoy doing it, be sure to keep the idea in your pocket for the winter holidays and spring!1014fall-crafts-for-preschoolers-fall-leaf-wreath


Don’t shove all those beautiful leaves into a garbage bag right away—try to enjoy those pretty colors for a little bit longer before they’re all gone! If you’re trying to think of fun crafts for the kids, put these automatic crafting items to good use at a large kids table and let their imaginations run wild. This is a great way to make a dreary day a lot more colorful!


What kinds of crafts do you and your kids like to create during the autumn season?

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