Beauty is More Than Skin Deep: An Interview with Jaiden Santos

Today, we are venturing into a different world: the beauty pageant universe. In this series of lifestyle posts, we are going to interview a beauty pageant contestant to learn more about their experience and lessons learned. For our first post, we are focusing on the 2018 Miss Marianas Beauty Pageant.

This particular pageant is held annually for residents of the CNMI…learn more about these beautiful islands here. And, thankfully, Miss Jaiden Santos allowed us a peek into her life–despite her busy schedule. So, let’s get started with the interview–shall we?

Techandburgers: First, thank you for spending some of your time with us. And, congratulations on winning the Miss Friendship and TRESemmé Best Hair award! Please give us some tips on how to be better with making friends while having fabulous hair.

Jaiden Santos: Thank you so much! My tip for making and keeping good friends is to just be kind, be confident, and absolutely be yourself. People will generally gravitate towards confident people. With my hair? Honestly, I just wash it every other day to make sure it doesn’t get oily. If I want a little extra volume, I’ll just blow dry it.

TB: Tell us a bit more about your pageant experience this year.

JS: One thing I learned and will take away from my pageant experience is better time management. Even just as a contestant, time is of the essence. Also, I learned that pageantry is hard work. It’s not all glitter, glam, and smiles. There was actually a lot of sweating. Lastly, I gained an increased confidence in myself.

TB: Many pageant winners have competed in multiple pageants, several times, until they won that crown. As they say: try, try again. Would you ever consider joining the pageant another year?

JS: Honestly, I didn’t expect to have as much fun as I did as a contestant, especially on pageant night. It was an amazing experience, so I just might consider running again when my schedule isn’t already so hectic.

TB: What caused the most anxiety on pageant night?

JS: I was most nervous about the big, stationary wings on my costume. Not only was it beautiful, it was also heavy – very heavy. And on my petite body? I had a hard time getting on and off stage because the weight of the wings wasn’t distributing correctly.

TB: What have you learned so far?

JS: After joining the pageant, I’ve grown to be more open to new people. As a contestant, you meet a lot of new faces and you can’t be closed off, that’s not an impression you want to leave on someone. Especially when you’re trying to represent a whole nation of people.

TB: Knowing what you know now, would you do it all over again?

JS: I would absolutely do it all over again. I would not have had as much fun as I did if it wasn’t for the STELLAR team and for the batch of girls I was running with. To go through our experiences together over again would be amazing.

TB: Tell us about your current life goals and plans

JS: Right now, the plan is to get my AA at the Northern Marianas College then move back to Washington to further my education.

TB: Who are some of your role models and inspirational mentors?

JS: My biggest role models are my mom and my grandma Agnes. I am so grateful and appreciative of the family I was born into because these two women are such wonderful examples of the incredible things females have the power of accomplishing when they set their minds to it.

TB: What advice would you give future contestants?

JS: Enjoy the experience. It will be life-changing and so rewarding. Have fun with every moment as a contestant, that way if you don’t get crowned the new queen, you’ll be able to look at the memories you made with fondness.

TB: How did you become so well-spoken?

JS: I think it has to do with my upbringing. My grandma used to tell me I had a large vocabulary as a young child. My mom told me I was always correcting her grammar too. It probably also has to do with Language Arts being my favorite subject when I was in elementary.

TB: We are a tech and lifestyle magazine, so would you mind sharing one of your favorite apps right now?

JS: I don’t really have a favorite app but I guess the one I use the most is YouTube. I’m always getting lost in makeup tutorials, news, comedy sketches, or even short documentaries.

TB: We really appreciate your time, Jaiden. Any last words for our readers?

JS: Thank you again for interviewing me! I just want to say to any young lady who is thinking about joining the pageant: absolutely do it. You won’t regret it.


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