Man-Cave Move Over – It’s She-Shed Territory Now!

When I was in Grad school, I lived in a very fancy shed.  What people call ‘Tiny Houses’ now, is what I had, but with fewer amenities.  It was a 12’ by 14’ one room studio in a backyard.  This garden retreat was insulated, had electricity and offered plenty of space for me during school.  It was such a cozy environment that I rent it out now as an office space.

It’s not just because I miss the shed, which I did; it’s also that my home has been taken over.  I have a husband and two sons, so every room is a man-cave.  My husband laid claim to the garage when we first moved in, and I don’t even go near the boys’ room. They’ve taken over the library with dragon books, puzzles, games and crafty stuff (like a monster truck track).  Before I got the go-ahead from the owners to appropriate their fancy shed as an office, my work was done while sitting in one corner of the living room couch.

Thanks, man-caves. (Said no one, ever.)

I was typing away the other day and thinking about how comfy and quiet the shed was, when I came across this article.  She-sheds are a thing!  I’m notk2-_44bdcf7a-b824-43d9-8877-6562c254ac6d_v1 the only working mom who needs an escape to get stuff done.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a work at home mom, or just need a place to read, knit, or just relax. This new trend in useful and aesthetically pleasing backyard sanctuaries is being reclaimed.

Historically, garden sheds have also been placed squarely in the man-cave territory.  But with the advent of garage workshops and the popularity of spending time tinkering with cars, sheds became catch-alls for tools, gardening supplies, and anything that was taking up too much room in the garage.  With the tiny house craze of recent years, it appears that women focused a critical eye on these forgotten gems in their backyards, and the results are AH-MAZING! Take a look at these!

The popularity of these sheds is apparent when you poke around the garden offerings at such frequent shopping sites such as  The ‘shed’ offerings range from 1,200 to 8,000, and closely resemble tiny houses!  Two of their best distributors can be seen here, and here.  If I was lucky enough to have a backyard; I’d totally go for this Sunshed.

You can also get free plans to build your haven, much like a tiny house.  You can make it as fancy as you like if you have the right tools (electricity, plumbing, etc.). However, a she-shed is meant to be a retreat for just a few hours a day; there’s really no need to go all out. If you did decide to go full tilt, there are some benefits.  You can use your she-shed as a guest room, or even as a short-term rental.  However, this takes the fun and original intent of building your private getaway out of the equation, so for your first she-shed, simpler is better!

Writers-Haven-2-450x450When my husband and I were first engaged, I was trying to talk him into us getting a houseboat or a tiny house for our first home.  With both of us being avid car collectors, and also with the possibility of children, that plan was nixed before it was even launched.  With the advent of the she-shed, I can revisit my obsession with tiny houses and smaller spaces.  When I have enough saved up for my own little plot of land, I already have my she-shed picked out!  This gorgeous Writers Haven looks like just the thing – move over, man-caves, the ladies are in town!

If you’re lucky enough to have a bit of extra space in your backyard, you may want to consider how you can best utilize it for your personal retreat!

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