A Series of Unfortunate Lifestyle Options for Your Average College Student

What’s life without a little bit of partying, a little bit of fashion, and whole lot of stress. The day in the life of a college student isn’t as exciting as it’s made out to be in the movies. Sure, for some students there’s leaving home for six to eight months out of the year, staying out all night drinking, and creating friendships as well bonds with people you have never met before. However, there is a whole different lifestyle that goes along with being a college student.

mall 2For starters, being in college, and especially a community college, there is only one option available to you to keep gas in your tank if your parents won’t pay for. You guessed it, a job. Most college students obtain jobs within retail and grocery stores. The most common place you will find these students is the mall. The mall is always hiring, usually ages sixteen and up, however, what they don’t tell you is they really only focus on ages eighteen and up. College schedules are more flexible as well as convenient for these retail stores to work around, and they also don’t have to worry about waiting for their workers to be dropped off by their parents.

desk jobAnother job that I have experienced is being a front desk associate. It seems great at first, decent pay, sitting at a desk all day, answering phone calls and doing little tasks for your boss. Again, it seems great at first, but balancing school work, a social life, as well as trying to meet work demands has become a lot more tedious and far more stressful than I have ever imagined. For example, there comes a point in time during a student’s life when they will eventually get sick and can’t make it to work because they feel as if Thor is pounding their head in with his hammer and they are practically projectile vomiting, and they will be told to come in anyways. Do you know why? Because their boss is sick and wants to go home, so you need to go in and cover for her! Not that this had happened to me or anything…

Jobs nowadays for college students are getting rougher. They’re becoming very demanding with their hours, very little with their pay, and above all very un-realistic for thinking that a student can work thirty hours and still maintain a 3.5 GPA.

The work-load for students at this age is a lot more demanding than anyone could ever imagine. I myself, at this moment have a four page paper due every Friday by midnight for my Anthropology class, a test in Psychology every week, many theories to study for Philosophy, and even Spanish homework! The students who go away to college experience the same amount of work and sometimes even more. They are living on campus which sometimes makes them think, I’m here so I can take six classes a semester to get them out of the way and still have time to maintain a job and relax with friends. Not even close!aud

I take only four classes, go to work three days a week between six to eight hours, including the weekends and I can barely find time to see my boyfriend and family. It becomes very stressful as well as straining on the body to try and balance everything at once. What a college student really looks forward to after all of this during the week, aside from a sex on the beach, is sleep. Sleep, because the average college student that I know, myself included, obtain between three to six hours of sleep a night. This could also be why college students seem to be some of the laziest bunch of kids you have ever met.

The lifestyles of college students often go unnoticed. They are seen as lazy, big time drinkers who just want to have sex and are always spending money. The fact of the matter is, we’re not in the fifties anymore. The work-load for students has become far more extensive as well as advanced, jobs are becoming more demanding too, I’ll be frank and say, un-realistic, and the time to just relax has become limited. Most college students are hard working individuals that are trying to balance all of the items I have listed without having a mental break down.


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