Five Fun Mobile Party Games

During the holidays we love to spend time with family and friends. We reflect on moments gathered around the table or the fireplace. Usually, we don’t imagine that time spent gathered around the phone or tablet. However, mobile games can enhance our holiday experience.

We typically think of mobile games that are single player or played with strangers online. However, mobile party games are very popular. This round-up features mobile party games that are fun to play as a group. These games can save the day if your family or friends are always on their devices.

Five Fun Mobile Party Games for the Holidays

1. Heads Up

Available at the App Store and Google Play

The player holds the game up in front of their head facing out. Others shout out clues about the word or person the game lists. You may have seen the game featured on Ellen’s show.

2. Pokemon Go

Available at the App Store and Google Play

The immense popularity of Pokemon Go makes it a great choice to add some fun to a family walk. Explore the local area and see whether you can catch Pokemon! Pokemon Go is not strictly a party game, but it is fun to play as a group.

3. Ticket To Ride

Available at the App Store and Google Play

The colorful, classic board game is a fun choice for older kids and adults who like strategy games. It just so happens that Ticket To Ride is available for iPad users just in case you would rather play on screen. The mobile version also has a tutorial in case you are interested in practicing for that family tournament.

4. Bounden

Available at the App Store and Google Play

This is an active dance developed with the Dutch National Ballet that you play with a partner. You may gracefully dance through the sequence or get tangled up! 

5. Reverse Charades

Available at the App Store and Google Play

You don’t need an app to play the party classic Charades. Reverse Charades is a little different. The player holds the phone facing out like you do when playing Heads Up. The rest of the party acts out the Charade for the player to guess.

In addition to those mentioned, there are numerous Karaoke and dance games that offer fun and entertainment for the gang.

If your friends or family are glued to their mobile device, why not include a mobile game in the festivities? If you prefer to stick with traditional games, that is wonderful too!

Have you tried any mobile party games? If so, what are your favorites?


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