Using My Phone to “Be Present” in 2018

I’m taking a break for my normally scheduled programming to talk about … not resolutions because I don’t make those, but rather intentions for 2018. There’s something about the new year that always seems so hopeful and bright. It’s a clean slate. Anything can happen. Endless possibilities. And for some, me included, those endless possibilities can seem daunting at times.

I have exactly ONE intention for 2018: to be present. That’s it. That’s the sum and total of what I am challenging myself to do. It sounds easy, I know. One thing. But giving over all of my focus and being present in what I am doing each and every day,CEE3C222-5A85-4194-B7D1-DCA303D4B888

Well … have you met me? I thrive a bit on chaos, am a seasoned procrastinator, have been known to checkout from time to time, and usually multitask like a boss. All this is to say that slowing down and being present, at least for me, isn’t always the easiest thing in the world.

Maybe it’s because I started practicing yoga and or because my spin instructors always talk about focusing and giving it all you’ve got, but I spent a good part of 2017 sweating and listening but not being wholly present. I was there. I was pushing myself to be better, but I wasn’t … there. I was usually thirty minutes down the road thinking about what NEEDED to be done that day. I wasn’t listening to the lesson my instructors were trying to teach me.

Being present and in the moment. Find pleasure in the little things. Take a moment and breathe. These are the promises I’m making for myself for the coming year.34329A5F-3FD2-4933-BB85-4382E98A2346

I’m not doing it alone: I’ve gathered some things to make meeting my 2018 intention easier. First and foremost I’m using the Headspace app to help focus myself and take a few minutes a day to just BE. I’ve struggled with meditation in the past because of how I was doing it, the sessions were too long and I couldn’t – surprise – focus enough to be present. Headspace gives me easily consumable and focusable moments where I can be one hundred percent present. Second I will probably be drinking A LOT of these delicious London Fogs as they make me deliriously happy … and happiness goes a long way to helping with being present.

Do you use a meditation app? Have you set resolutions or intentions for 2018? Have a hot beverage that knocks your socks off?

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