Who’s In? Microsoft Debuts a Social Planning App

Microsoft isn‘t satisfied with sticking with LinkedIn, Yammer, and Skype. They move further into the social networking and communications world with the launch of their new iMessage app Who’s In.

Who’s In is a social event planning app. Are you planning a dinner out? Chose a local option, time and poll your friends to see “who is in.” Will this app make it easier to plan your next social outing? Or is it easier to text or use Facebook’s chat?

The Who’s In app only works through iMessage. If you already use iMessage, it may be a fun add-on.

How Who’s In Works:

Once the app is installed and set up within your iMessage account, this is how the Who’s In works:

First, launch the app. Who’s In greets you with a choice of activities. For example, it asks you whether you want to “eat and drink,” “visit an attraction,” “watch a movie,” or “create your own.”46food-1050813_960_720

Next, Who’s In uses Bing’s search engine to suggest options in your local area.

Then you complete information about the planned social event or outing.

Finally, invite your friends and Who’s In polls them through the iMessage app.

According to Techcrunch, Google previously launched a similar app called “Who’s Down.” Google discontinued that app due to lack of use.

I admit, when I first learned about Who’s In, I was intrigued. It seemed like a fun way to plan a night out. However, I would personally prefer options to poll my friends which film (or restaurant) they would prefer or what time works best. The suggestions from Bing sound mildly helpful, but I am not sure that I would use it very much.

What about you? Do you see yourself using an app like this? If so, what features would you like to see?


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