Black Friday: Tech Deals for Days (Or Hours)

While some people may be looking forward to the holiday season because of the family time, cozy fireplaces and overload of turkey, others are excited for a much different reason: Black Friday.

This annual event occurs on the Friday after American Thanksgiving, and although it’s not officially its own holiday, there are many who are given the day off-unless you work in retail of course. Controversy around Black Friday has sparked in current years, but regardless of the bad rep it sometimes gets, Black Friday is always a major success both for shoppers and retailers.1113l2230_e0e90387c027a80c8fdaf5187f712f4d9e2c27ba

One of the strongest participants for Black Friday is Wal-Mart, and the sales they’re ready to offer have been leaked for us to see prior to the event. While it has been mentioned that Black Friday occurs on the Friday after Thanksgiving, Wal-Mart will be beginning its major sales on Thanksgiving Day.

1113heres-a-complete-list-of-black-friday-store-hoursOnline sales will begin early morning on November 26th, while in-store sales will begin a 6PM later in the evening. Wal-Mart offers a one-hour guarantee for those who come in the first opening hour, ensuring that you will get the products you’re looking for if you get there in that time frame.

If you’re looking for some deals on the tech toys you’ve been looking at recently, now is your chance to finally consider making the purchase.

Here are some of the tech toy deals that we think will really entice you this Black Friday:

  1. A 50” LED HDTV going for $269.00, with various brands being offered at each Wal-Mart location
  2. RCA 7” Voyager II Android Ad-Free Tablet for $28.88 (Save $20.99)
  3. RCA Cambio W101 V2 Windows 10 2-in-1 with detachable keyboard and trackpad for $128.04
  4. 1113l18369_141703295310.1” screen, 32GB, 2MP dual camera
  5. Fitbit Charge HR Heart Rate + Activity Wristband for $119.00
  6. Canon Rebel T5 DSLR 2-Lens Bundle for $399.00
  7. 3” LCD, 18 mega pixels, 1080p video
  8. PlayStation 4 Unchartered Bundle for $299.00
  9. Sky Viper X-Quad Stunt R/C Drove for $25.00
  10. 40” Class LED HDTV for $149.00


The online flyer has over 20 pages of deals to go through, ranging from tech to kids toys to cookware and more. The tech will undoubtedly be one of the most popular sections in the store, with Beats by Dre headphones, iPads, iPhones, androids, video games and more being sold for significantly less than their usual price.

Those looking to complete a gift list will find almost anything they’re looking for here in terms of tech, but if you’re braving it and heading into a store near you, you’ll want to get there early. Like…super early. People line up for the event hours before it begins, and some even show up the day before the event to ensure that they get what they want.1113Walmart_Black_Friday

Perhaps tech toys aren’t so important that you’d want to miss out on turkey dinner to score some deals, but you can be sure that the stores will be full the moment the sale starts either way.


Are there any tech toys you’d miss Thanksgiving dinner for? Let us know what your plans are for Black Friday in the comment box below!



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