10 Election Information Resources

Some voters feel frustrated with the tone of the 2016 election. Others feel confused over who to elect.

Despite the noise, there are resources citizens may use to help prepare for the election. Whether you want to fact check claims made during the debate or research the candidates’ stands on issues that matter to you

Tech and Burgers does not endorse any claims made on any of these sites. This round-up includes a mix of resources including non-partisan and partisan. Some contain educational and news content. Many of these sites have apps or are active on social media.

Ten Resources For Information This Election Season

Project Vote Smart

Project Vote Smart is a not-for-profit, nonpartisan voter education organization founded in 1992. They provide a variety of information on national politicians. Their resources include:

  • Biographic information
  • Prior votes if the candidate previously held office
  • Position statements based on Project Vote Smart’s survey and research
  • Transcripts of speeches and debates
  • Information about campaign funding donors and endorsements or ratings from special interest groups


Snopes, has the goal to clarify “common fallacies, misinformation, old wives’ tales, strange news stories, rumors, and celebrity gossip.” Snopes is not a political site. It can be a source of research claims made in political ads, debates, and information that appears on your Facebook feed.

League of Women Voters

The League of Women Voters was founded in 1920 just six months after Congress granted women the right to vote. Since then, their membership consists of local female and male volunteers who research local, state, and national issues. In many areas, State and local League of Women Voters compile voter’s guides and educational resources.1020presidential-election-1336480_1280

CNN Politics App

CNN’s Politics App and website reflect the cable news channels’ tone in a convenient format in case you want to check on the news, polls, and other election-oriented content.

PBS Learning Media

PBS Learning Media features educational activities and reference resources intended to teach children about the election process. Parents may find some interesting resources to use to engage the whole family. For anyone with rusty memories of high school civics and government classes, there are some good references to refresh your memory.


For 37 years, C-SPAN pursued its mission “to make government more open to the American public”. It is also a not-for-profit educational organization. Many are familiar with the cable television channel, but the C-Span website contains video and transcripts relating to elections, presidential briefings, Congress and Supreme Court proceedings, and other government information.


Wikileaks is in the news this cycle. Rather than listen to commentary on leaked content, voters may look for themselves.


FiveThirtyEight was founded in 2008 and has a history of analyzing statistical information about elections, economics, science, pop culture, and sports. If you happen to be interested in a numbers-based discussion you may find it at FiveThirtyEight.

The Candidates’ Own Social Media Accounts

Most candidates have their own social media accounts. By reading the content the candidate and staff post, voters may get a sense of the personality and policies. There are reasons that many mainstream news sources quote tweets.

Your Own Secretary of State Site

For election information, be sure to check your own state’s Secretary of State website. States also typically release voter’s pamphlets containing information on candidates, voting procedures and any propositions or ballot measures.

By looking at a range of sources, voters can cut through some of the noise and research candidates stand on the issues that matter to them. This post is not meant to endorse any particular national, state, or local candidates. It is simply intended to share some information resources.

Have you found any particular apps, news sites, social media accounts or publications helpful?


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