More VR Fun With Facebook Spaces + Other Social Media News

Facebook, Google, and Instagram announced or unrolled changes.  All three adopt favorite features from competing platforms. Facebook moves into social virtual reality while Instagram becomes a little more like Snapchat. 

Will Facebook Spaces Compete With Google’s VR Platform?

420facebook-76536_1920Last week, we posted about Google’s Virtual Reality (VR) activities. Social media giant Facebook is also breaking into VR.  Facebook announced their new social VR app Spaces at the Facebook Developers Conference (F8). The app will allow friends to interact virtually and in 360 degrees through personalized cartoon avatars. 

Spaces beta app is available on Oculus Rift. It appears to make use of 360-degree images and allow drawing of 3D images. The Spaces app is one of many changes Facebook is making as they tighten up on their system for screening fake news and their response to trauma caused when users post disturbing content.

What Happens on Instagram Stays on Instagram?

Facebook’s sister platform Instagram unveiled “Snapchat-like” features including Instagram Direct. Users can send disappearing photos or videos to friends. The receiver may replay the video or photo once before it is gone. Doesn’t that sound familiar?

Instagram Direct also allows users to:

Turn any conversation into a visual conversation with photos and videos. Texts and reshares will now appear in the same thread with disappearing photos and videos so you can seamlessly go back and forth with your friends.” (Source – Instagram blog)

Is Google The New Pinterest?

Competition among social media platforms inspires a lot of “copycat” behavior. Instagram copies Snapchat with Instagram Direct and other features. Google also joins this trend by copying Pinterest. We previously reported Pinterest’s movement into visual search. Now Google borrows an idea from Pinterest. When users do fashion-related image searches through the Google Android app, they receive fashion tips.

“With style ideas, you can see real-life options of what bag and jeans look stellar with those red high heels you’ve been eyeing. Or if running gear is more your speed, no sweat—workout ensemble ideas are just a tap away.” – Source Google blog

What Do You Think?420twitter-292994_1920

What do you think of this trend of social media platforms borrowing ideas from each other? Do you have a favorite feature on one platform that you wish another would borrow?



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