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Using My Phone to “Be Present” in 2018

I’m taking a break for my normally scheduled programming to talk about … not resolutions because I don’t make those, but rather intentions for 2018. There’s something about the new year that always seems so hopeful and bright. It’s a clean slate. Anything can happen. Endless possibilities. And for some, me included, those endless possibilities can seem daunting at times. I have exactly ONE intention for 2018: to be present.

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Your Best Self Starts with a Happier New Year

We all want to be our best self; an individual who feels good about who they are, and who spreads their positive attitudes to those around them as well. As the new year approaches, these feelings of wanting to improve certain aspects of our lives are magnified by all of the resolutions that you’re sure to hear about. Some people want to be happier by finding a job they love,

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The 2018 Winter Olympics Have Never Been Easier to Enjoy

Ahead of the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea, NBC has released some pretty exciting news. For all of the enthusiastic viewers who aren’t able to make the trip to see the games live, there will be an impressive amount of coverage to be witnessed: A record 1,800 hours of coverage, to be exact. Not only will we be able to see even more coverage than ever before for

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