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End of Summer Cocktail: Yes Way, Rośe!

Gin. Strawberry-lemon shrub. Rośe. Bitters. Looking at it, it doesn’t seem like much. Four ingredients. But it’s delightfully pink, packs a wallop, and is deliciously light which basically means it’s the perfect end of summer cocktail. This cocktail took me a bit of time to suss … it was my first time playing with bitters (and boy oh boy do they live up to their name). I had the OG

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Health is the New Focus as England Begins Cutting Calories

Cutting calories might sound like a scary thought to some people, but we’re going to hit this sucker head-on anyways. In what I can only call the most obvious and glorious realization of all time, health officials in England have stated that people are eating too many calories, and it needs to stop. Wow, guys. Wow wait, let me sit down for a second and let that sink in. Eating

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It’s May, which means it is ALMOST summertime (I see you taunting me, freshly filled pool) and summertime means: POPSICLES. And because popsicles aren’t just for the kiddos, I present to you FROSÉPOPS. Yes, friends, you read that correctly: boozey popsicles because sometimes the sickly sweet popsicles found in the freezer aisle just won’t cut it. Added bonus to homemade pops: no startling blue tongues. Rosé starts showing up in

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Coloring Books That Come to Life

 Coloring is a rite of passage for kids. Whether you had to do it in school, at a sibling’s soccer practice or all damn afternoon because you loved it, coloring books were the bomb. Some of us were very serious about the craft of staying in the lines, while others had more of a Picasso approach. It was one of the easiest ways to explore our creative expression and also

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3 Childhood Favorites Re-Tooled for Commuting Adults in the Bay Area

I’m not sure if it’s Google’s fault or the entire tech industry in the Bay Area, but I’ve noticed a lot of adults doing the best they can to not ‘adult.’ They have the working stuff down, easy, but when it comes to breaking out of the 9-5 humdrum, these adults are pros at channeling their inner child when it comes to making their commute fun. While many of the

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