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Apps That Turn Your Chores Into a Game

Video games are well known for how well they hook the player into persisting to reach goals and to level up. Sometimes people feel more motivated to level up in their game than in their “real life.” This phenomenon led developers to explore gamification of daily life. Apps that merge gameplay with daily activities may motivate you to workout, clean house or complete tasks on your to-do list. The best-known

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Five Fun Mobile Party Games

During the holidays we love to spend time with family and friends. We reflect on moments gathered around the table or the fireplace. Usually, we don’t imagine that time spent gathered around the phone or tablet. However, mobile games can enhance our holiday experience. We typically think of mobile games that are single player or played with strangers online. However, mobile party games are very popular. This round-up features mobile party

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Political Runner: An Android + iOS Game Makes Politics Fun Again

Will this upcoming Political Runner iOS and Android Game make politics fun? The presidential election is often full of drama as citizens struggle to choose the best candidate. This process has highs, lows, and scandals. Netflix’s hit House of Cards transforms the process into entertainment. But what about mobile games? Political Runner is a runner-style game featuring campaign style missions. The player starts a political career as a staffer then attempts to

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Have a Marshmallowy Valentine’s Day with the Nexus 5X and Gold Nexus 6P

If you’ve been longing for a new Google Android phone, now may be just the right time to go shopping. Google’s smaller 5.2-inch smartphone, the Nexus 5X, just received a permanent $30 price cut. Yet, that’s not all. Google will be cutting the price another $50 for a limited Valentine’s Day special. This means you have until February 14th to get $80 off a phone that features Marshmallow. An unlocked

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A Beginner’s Guide to Photo Editing Apps

It seems as if the days of carrying around a bulky camera are over.  With cell phones, a camera is at your fingertips at all times.  And with cell phone apps anyone can become an editor and create perfect pictures.  But with so many applications out there in the Google Play Store or iPhone App Store which ones are worth being downloaded?  Here are six apps that are easy enough

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