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Watch the Latest Movie Releases Just Weeks After Their Debuts

When new movie releases are on their way, I get pretty hyped up. It’s almost unavoidable these days, with all of the awesome quality films coming out and the ease with which we can access previews ahead of time. There have even been releases of the next three years of Disney movie titles and they already have me itching to line up in front of the theatre for perfect back row

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Improved Carpool Karaoke Has Everything We Want and More

Late Late Show host James Corden came up with a brilliant idea for one of his show’s segments. It would be known as “Carpool Karaoke”, and it featured James driving around the city with a celebrity passenger. The skits were a way to get up-close and personal with celebrities about their own lives, while also adding in some serious beats and hilarious karaoke performances. The segment did seriously well. I

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The End of the iPod Era That Has Many Confused

It seems like just yesterday when I was adding photos to my iPod. Even now they’re still on my photos album- pictures from high school, summer camp and old memories. I still have it to this day, although it does seem to collect more dust than do anything else- technology has just come too far at this point. And it all makes sense. When we think about it, we’ve been

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iPhone Tricks for Basically Professional Photos

Don’t we just love taking photos? In a world where the “selfie” is now an actual word and Photoshop capabilities are basically from a whole other world, it’s becoming easier and easier for your regular Joe to capture absolutely stunning photos with nought but his phone. If you’re looking to step your game up when it comes to taking great photos, the creators of the iPhone really have given you

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New Tech Toys for 2017

Your pals at T&B had an awesome year sharing new tech, delicious food and everything in between with you. But just like technology, things move fast in this world and we’re already moving onto bigger and better things. With 2016 behind us, it’s time to start looking towards 2017 and all of the awesome tech that’s rumored to be on its way. Needless to say, we’re PUMPED. Let’s start diving

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