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Holy Guacamole: Food is the True Way to Find Love

Guacamole has never been sexier, and if you’re trying to find love, then this zesty, garlicky dish might be able to help you get there. Did we lose you already? Let’s back up a bit. We are all acutely aware of the topic that is dating apps. Oh yes, whether you’ve signed up for one yourself, heard the horror stories from a friend or read about that one couple who

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Facing Social Media for Kids with Kudos

The topic of social media for kids is not just something to dance around until it becomes too much of a problem. In our day and age, kids are becoming exposed to the internet and social media platforms much sooner than we ever were, and it’s a whole new monster to deal with. Between internet bullying statistics, too much screen time and the perfect solution for a noisy kid, our

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Decoding Food Labels with Apps

Do you ever feel confused or frustrated by food labels in the grocery store? According to a recent study, 67% of consumers find it challenging to determine whether a product meets their needs based on the food labels. Most diet-conscious consumers consult apps or websites for information tailored to their needs. Sometimes food labels do not include the information helpful to people with certain dietary needs or preferences. Those consumers may need

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Apps That Turn Your Chores Into a Game

Video games are well known for how well they hook the player into persisting to reach goals and to level up. Sometimes people feel more motivated to level up in their game than in their “real life.” This phenomenon led developers to explore gamification of daily life. Apps that merge gameplay with daily activities may motivate you to workout, clean house or complete tasks on your to-do list. The best-known

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Coloring Books That Come to Life

 Coloring is a rite of passage for kids. Whether you had to do it in school, at a sibling’s soccer practice or all damn afternoon because you loved it, coloring books were the bomb. Some of us were very serious about the craft of staying in the lines, while others had more of a Picasso approach. It was one of the easiest ways to explore our creative expression and also

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