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How to Turn Your Instagram Photos into Powerful Art

The social media platform Instagram has become a giant in the last couple of years, giving users the power to express themselves, display their life in photos, share funny memes and even make a full-time income. (If you should be so lucky!) Some people use it for very simple uses like showing family members how the kids are doing, while others take their posting decisions very seriously. Some users create

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The Art of Napkin Folding

Somehow the week of Thanksgiving always seems to be the BUSIEST week of the year for me, between it being Stir-Up Sunday (yes, I make boozy Christmas pudding) and Thanksgiving (all the pies are being made by me, yessir they are … and the pie crusts too), plus there’s the off chance (read: highly likely) I will get sick, because it’s what I do. #IwillNOTgetsickthisyear Craziness aside, I have found, over

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