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Five-Minute Egg: The Mystery is SOLVED

I am here today to solve the mystery of the five-minute egg. What is the five-minute egg, you ask? Mostly it’s a thing we food bloggers use to make pretty runny center eggs for photos … ‘cause poaching an egg is HARD (I don’t care what Julia Child said, it takes a black magic incantation and a blood sacrifice to properly poach an egg by dropping it into a boiling

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Healthy Back to School Meal Planning

My oldest son starts Kindergarten in three weeks, and if you’ve been around young kids this summer, you know that mealtime is a bit more, well, flexible. Though it’s still a few weeks away, I’ve been trying to get back into the school-year groove. What this means, for me, is no more ice cream for breakfast or goldfish crackers as a snack! While the drive-thru is acceptable (though not recommended)

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Breakfast needs a well-deserved hug.

It’s no surprise that our early morning meals don’t have quite as many fans as their afternoon counterparts. Unfortunately, that extra ten or fifteen minutes of sleep sometimes seems more enticing than getting in a meal that we don’t feel like eating anyways. However, breakfast has always been a very important meal, initiating your bodily functions and giving you the energy you need to start your day. Instead of dreading

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