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A Twist on a Classic: Everything Bagel Pizza with Smoked Salmon

First: hello November, whatever are you doing here? It seems a bit impossible that we’re officially in countdown to the holidays mode. I mean Thanksgiving is almost upon us and I haven’t even figured out what pies I’m going to make. And pies are SERIOUS BUSINESS in my family. Instead of working on my pie game I decided to work on the most epic of brunch / lunch / dinner ideas

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Best Mother’s Day Brunch Recipe

If you weren’t the favorite, you are now. With Mother’s Day fast approaching, we wanted to give you a little bit of extra help when it comes to wooing and impressing the important women in your life. We understand that not everyone is going to be celebrating this Sunday, and we don’t think anyone needs to feel badly about it. In fact, whether you’re trying to outdo your siblings or

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Créme Brûlée French Toast

First, a confession: I don’t like sweet things for breakfast; never have. The list of breakfast things that are sweet that I didn’t eat growing up is VERRA LONG and I don’t want to bore you so here is the list of things that I ate as a child that were an the sweet spectrum: pancakes (sometimes if I puppy eyed just right I got waffles instead), muffins, and at

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Best Brunch Recipe Ever

This is a very loaded title; I am well-aware. But if you’re looking for the best brunch meal ever, you’re probably reading the right article. My friend and I recently put something together and it was the fastest, easiest and most delicious brunch item I’ve eaten in a very long time. Maybe ever. Everything before this has now been erased. For peanut allergies, please be warned that there are spoilers

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Five-Minute Egg: The Mystery is SOLVED

I am here today to solve the mystery of the five-minute egg. What is the five-minute egg, you ask? Mostly it’s a thing we food bloggers use to make pretty runny center eggs for photos … ‘cause poaching an egg is HARD (I don’t care what Julia Child said, it takes a black magic incantation and a blood sacrifice to properly poach an egg by dropping it into a boiling

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