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McVegan Creation Aims to Please the Masses

Depending on where you live, the option to try a McVegan from McDonalds might be at your fingertips. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Established in 1955 in Des Plaines, Illinois, the fast-food spot McDonalds had founders with a lot of good ideas and very high hopes. Over the years, this food chain has become one of the biggest in the world, with some McDonalds stats sharing that the

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Think You Can Find an Amazing Burger as Good as This?

In a leisurely stroll through my Facebook news feed, I recently came across an ad. Now, most of the time I ignore these ads…no wait that’s not true. I’m actually quite often sucked into them, so this ad bares no special difference. HOWEVER, it wasn’t a sale or free item that I was interested in…this time, it was a photo. And that photo was of an incredibly amazing burger. I

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The “Don’t-Ask-Just-Try-It Apple Burger”!

Picky eaters beware; you have no shot at winning this one. You may have been able to taste the tiniest dash of cilantro, or the three chopped up mushrooms hiding in your salad; that’s just fine. Go ahead, refuse the appetizers. But once this main course comes along, this whole wall of “picky eater” you’ve built up will come crashing down. I can understand the confusion of having apples in

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