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The Future is Waiting for You in Car Vending Machines

We’re used to seeing those brightly-lit vending machines in schools and work places, showing off delicious candy bars, sodas and salty chips. (Now I’m hungry and I only have myself to blame.) Vending machines have been around forever, and after so long they’ve evolved to sell some pretty weird stuff, including phones, live crabs, mashed potatoes and canned bread. These days however, they’re really getting a face lift that we

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Top 5 Toys to Buy when You’re Making the Big Bucks

So you’ve got money to blow, eh? Don’t we all! (An overwhelming smell of sarcasm sweeps in.) Just kidding…you’ve earned your big paycheck, now it’s time to treat yourself! Not sure where to make your first purchase? Lucky for you, we’ve put together some of the most rock star (or perhaps ridiculous) tech items that money can buy. Feel free to gloat and take pictures for us after the big

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