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End of Summer Cocktail: Yes Way, Rośe!

Gin. Strawberry-lemon shrub. Rośe. Bitters. Looking at it, it doesn’t seem like much. Four ingredients. But it’s delightfully pink, packs a wallop, and is deliciously light which basically means it’s the perfect end of summer cocktail. This cocktail took me a bit of time to suss … it was my first time playing with bitters (and boy oh boy do they live up to their name). I had the OG

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7 Ways to Celebrate Canada Day with Your Taste Buds

Canada, d’eh? Why yes, in fact there are some Canadian writers on this fabulous team! Thank you for asking! And with that, I simply cannot overlook the fact that Canada Day is coming up! For my fellow Canadian readers (or just Canada lovers) here are 7 cool treats from across the net that are perfect for celebrating the country’s big day. (If you make any of these, feel free to

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