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Fresh Fig and Honey Cheesecake

IT. IS. FIG. SEASON. Stop the presses and get thyself to the store for the best summer has to offer. I snatched some up at my local grocer doing my best Gollum impression, clutching the box to my chest while muttering “my precious” as I skittered around the isles getting the rest of my shopping done. I’m not as strange as I make myself sound, honest. I’m normal. Mostly. Well,

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Lemon Rhubarb Cheesecake

First things first: this is not a cake, it’s a pie. There is a crust. A uniform filling goes into the crust and it is baked. It doesn’t rise like a cake. And it is NOT iced. See? PIE, NOT CAKE. I may or may not have launched into this particular argument several times at Easter dinner and my family, bless them, just nodded along and agreed with me. Sometimes

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3 of The Greatest Dessert Mash-ups That are Easy to Make

In the Bay Area, fusion food is a big thing. There’s sushi burritos, ramen hamburgers, and Indian pizza. It makes sense, in the Bay Area we have phones that are computers, and cars that run on batteries – our food should follow suit! But while most of us are drooling over Bao Burgers and tacos filled with Kung Pao chicken, it’s important that we don’t forget the most important part

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