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The Most Expensive Gingerbread House Money Can Buy

When the holidays roll around, it’s always fun to gather friends and family for some friendly competition. Sometimes our friends throw a good old-fashioned snowman-making challenge or snowball fight, but this year we wanted to make the pot a little sweeter (pun intended). With that being said, we started talking about a gingerbread house competition, to see who could soup up their house the best, with just a gingerbread house

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Is McDonalds Losing its Luster?

Many of us are fairly familiar with the flavors of McDonalds in one form or another. Whether it’s their classic Big Mac, their French fries or an Oreo McFlurry, the large menu of this fast food giant has the ability to tickle the fancy of all types of foodies. Or does it? According to Fox News, consumers have had some problems with the golden arches recently. In a new study,

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Wavegarden Lagoon: A Promising Technology for Surfing Hopefuls

Have you ever wondered why surfing isn’t an Olympic sport? With so many talented athletes in the field, it seems unfair that they should miss out on the opportunity to obtain success at an Olympic level. The 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo are a little over four years away, which has a lot of surfers wondering if it’s enough time to get their sport included on the list of events.

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