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Get Ready to Rumble: Cranberry Pie with Walnut Crumble

NOBODY PANIC BUT THANKSGIVING IS NEXT WEEK. No really, it is. I checked. Twice. There’s something that happens every year in November to my calendar skills; I lose a week. Every year. I always think I have ANOTHER WEEK before the best holiday ever. I’m still convinced that Thanksgiving isn’t next week even though I started this post out by telling you, me, and everyone else that it’s next week.

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Cranberry Curd

Thanksgiving might be behind us, but my love for cranberries is still running strong. I mean they’re delightfully tart (and when you add sugar to them … hoo-boy) and they deserve to be celebrated. A quick note: I had my first encounter with sugared-cranberries on Thanksgiving and lordhammercy GIMME ALL THE SUGARED-CRANBERRIES. Strong feelings about these lovely bog berries aside, cranberry curd is a new thing to me. I’ve had,

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