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Good For You Fall Fuel: Pumpkin Spice Date Energy Balls

Dear reader: sorry, not sorry to give you two date recipes back to back, but look … I’ve got a three-pound bag to get through, mmmkay? I don’t know what it’s been like in your neck of the woods, but here summer came roaring back AFTER we all started pulling our fall wardrobes out. Between our brief flash of fall-like weather and ALL THE PUMPKIN SPICE STUFF LITERALLY EVERYWHERE there

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Not Your Typical Tailgate Food: Jalapeño Popper Stuffed Dates

Over the weekend I bought a ginormous bag of dates at Costco, because hey: dates are yummy, full of fiber, and when you’re packing lunches for the week sometimes you need to switch things up. So, now I’m the proud owner of a three pound bag of dates. #givemeallyourdaterecipes I’ve had exactly two brainwaves about what to do with my bag full of dates: jalapeño popper stuffed dates and Indiana

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