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The Top 5 Mason Jar Marvels

Instead of heading to the blue bin with your friendly neighborhood mason jar this summer, collect and keep them instead! Of all of the trending treats and home décor splashing the brightly-colored front pages of summer’s magazine issues, mason jars take the cake. Re-use these multi-faceted jars for a number of things around the house, and then re-purpose them in the winter as candle-holders, potpourri jars and snow globes! I’m

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Artisan Ice: The New Way To Enjoy Your Drink ‘On The Rocks’

Usually, we think of foodies enjoying a wide range of gastrointestinal delights and washing them down with something neutral; water, soda, iced tea, or beer.  The beverage usually gets second billing when it comes to going out to eat, it’s an afterthought or add-on, really. I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered that there’s a subset of foodies who take their drinks as seriously as their food.  This seriousness manifests

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