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This is the Year You Drink More Water

It’s a brand-new year, which means now is the time to try some new recipes, ogle over some new tech and drink more water! Oh, yes folks, with all of those long lists of resolutions pouring in, I wanted to hand out one simplistic resolution; one that would be easy to keep up with, and extremely effective in helping us to stay healthy. Even though you might already have a

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Experience the Best Holidays Yet with These Healthy Eating Habits!

The holidays are coming, which means I am already thinking about some healthy eating habits. Not necessarily because I plan to pass on the stuffing or skip the chocolate truffles, but because I know that this time of the year there is food everywhere. Seriously. There’s appetizers every which way you turn, and more dessert trays than Shaquille O’Neal could handle. It’s all delicious, and it’s all very tempting. Quite

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Best Foods to Eat After a Jog

With the spring season on its way, it’s likely that you’ve noticed the surplus of runners finally hitting the streets and sidewalks again. It’s true—the runners are finally coming out of treadmill hibernation to enjoy the crisp, fresh air of spring! (Can you tell I’m in Canada? Oh yes, it is very crisp in my town still. It’s -10 crisp, in fact.) Aside from who is enjoying what weather where,

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