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Digital Contraception Predicts Pregnancy in a New Way

The term “Digital Contraception” is a new one to many. While it’s not surprising that something new has adopted a digital form in our day and age, the topic of contraception remains a tough one to talk about. This is mainly because the highly-debated topic of contraception brings out religious beliefs, political views and deeply-rooted personal experiences that must be handled with care. We haven’t seen much movement by way

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Note to Self Hosts Internet Privacy Challenge

Are you concerned about your privacy online? If so, you are not alone! According to Pew Research around 74% of Americans say their online privacy is “very important”. They want to maintain control over who sees their personal information. In the digital age, information is power. You have more power over your privacy if you have the right information. National Public Radio and WNYC Studios is launching a new podcast

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