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5 Kitchen Hacks That Will Save Your Life

I love finding new kitchen hacks. There are all kinds of creative things you can do around the kitchen that make everyday actions a heck of a lot easier, and sometimes a lot cooler, too! These kinds of hacks are especially cool if you can avoid buying more items to stuff into your drawers; anytime we can save some money it’s a win, am I right?! So, I’ve been doing

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When Life Gives You Lemons: 9 Ways to Use Lemons

Ahhh, the sour sweetness of a lemon. Often the money-maker on a good piece of salmon, or the citrusy punch after the burn of a tequila shot. There are so many ways to use lemons and not nearly enough time to cover them all, but here are 9 ways that you need lemons in your life. As an adorable dessert bowl Yes, you heard me right. When you have friends coming

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Easy, Homemade Table Setting for Thanksgiving

With American Thanksgiving on its way, lots of people are starting to prep their grocery lists and meal plans for what will surely be one of the biggest feasts of the year. We’re talking turkey, stuffing, gravy, buns and every other thing that makes me head to the kitchen as I type this. And while you might be fully prepped for the food, you may have forgotten about a small

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Best DIY Halloween Costumes for Tech Lovers

If you’re anything like me, you spend quite a bit of time planning the ultimate Halloween costume in your head. It looks amazing and you’re getting allll the compliments. Yet somehow, when the big day rolls around you find yourself scrambling for some sort of attainable, affordable costume. Because even though buying costumes for the cast of The Wizard of Oz seemed dope at the time…a girl has still got

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Iced Coffee, Two Ways

We are, officially, entering the dog days of summer. I’m talking triple digits with upwards of 60% humidity … you know, the kind of weather where your clothes stick to you five seconds after you step outside? When it gets like this the absolute LAST thing I want to do is drink hot coffee for my morning jolt. I started out, like a lot of us, hitting up the local

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