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Not Just a Toy: How Drones are Changing the World

Drones. They are one of the coolest gadgets to own. Recording aerial video and high definition photos can be a ton of fun. There are drone races and competitions across the country that enable you to show off your flying skills. Drones are more than just pricey toys, however. In many industries, drones are revolutionizing the way companies and organizations do business. Parcel shipping Online shopping is quickly becoming the

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The New Santa: Amazon is Hoping to Deliver the Goods

Holiday traditions are always a fun thing to look forward to every year, but there does come a time when new traditions should be embraced. We have just the thing for you, and it may not be what you’d expect. How about changing the way you present your gifts to others? Instead of putting them under the tree, what if they fell from the sky? Or how about instead of

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Four Insane Drones that are Changing the World

With the use of technology on the rise it is no surprise that the world is getting smaller.  Thanks to the internet we can connect with people around the world instantly.  3D Printers allow surgeons to see into their patients bodies before surgery and robots can be taught to man any job it seems.  The technological world is constantly growing and drones are no exception.  With the use of drones

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