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How to Create the Best Easy Chicken Stir-Fry

It goes without saying that I have a lot of chicken in my freezer. When I was younger and my mom wanted me to make something before she got home, I would totally blank out when all we had was chicken. It seemed bland, it seemed boring! How could we possibly have chicken yet again and expect to come up with something new? Well, times have changed folks. I’ve become

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Best Slow Cooker Wings You Need to Make Tonight

If your kitchen has been graced by the presence of a slow cooker, then there’s really nothing you cannot make. Seriously! These things are amazing for at-home cooks, and they make meals super simple and easy to prep when you’re really busy. When I got my crock pot, I knew that I had made it. It is the ultimate kitchen accessory, and it meant that I was finally ready to

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How to Create One Recipe that will Make Your Soul Happy

Are you terrible in the kitchen? Are you lost even when it comes to the simplest things like measuring, blending and cutting? Let me tell you, I used to question myself even when someone asked me to cut a pepper. How big? Length-ways? Do I leave the seeds in? ALL THE ANXEITY OF IMPRESSING MY MOTHER. And it is even scarier when it’s all on you. If you’ve got a

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Baked Sopaipillas

This Friday is every American’s favorite “we don’t actually know what we’re celebrating but we’re gonna eat tacos and get smashed” Mexican holiday: Cinco de Mayo. First and foremost: Cinco de Mayo is NOT Mexican Independence Day (September 16 if you are curious). What Cinco de Mayo IS, is the celebration of the Mexican victory against invading French forces during the Battle of Puebla. So, go ahead and celebrate –

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New Year’s Resolutions in Technology

Now that the classic holiday festivities of the season are coming to a close, a lot of us might be groaning and moaning about how much control we lost eating the turkey and stuffing. Luckily, New Year’s is just around the corner and that means we have the chance to redeem ourselves! (Or completely fail, crash and burn). However, while it’s nice to set goals like losing weight and eating

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