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The Best Protein Balls to Keep You Going

You might have been looking for a protein ball recipe, and you might not have been. Either way, you’re here and we think it happened for a reason. Even if you don’t know what the heck protein balls are, we’d suggest you give this quick read a few minutes of your time and before you know it you’ll have the knowledge to make super-simple protein balls to snack on all

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The smartflower POP is Making Solar Energy Easy

It’s the world’s first all-in-one solar system…how cool does that sound? The smartflower POP is the next creation in a long line of solar panel designs, meant to help us create more efficient, earth-friendly energy. Ten points for doing good things for the earth, and another ten points for being so ridiculously cute. Let’s talk about it. Already know about the smartflower POP? That’s cool, check out this new feature

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Wind Turbines Have a New Look

Those wind turbines you see along the countryside might be an eyesore, but they’re doing the world some good! Sometimes, sustainability can’t be super pretty while still being effective. However, developers have been tackling the issue for quite some time, and there’s actually another idea that’s been in the works that might be a little more pleasing and a lot closer to home. The Tree Vent As you might have

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