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Best Pumpkin Carrot Cakes

With Halloween now over, it seems we’ve quickly transitioned from pumpkin and cinnamon to spearmint and candy canes. It’s true…the 1st of November sure isn’t forgiving when it comes to advertising. Not only have coffee shops and malls started embracing the holiday décor, but our beloved pumpkin-spiced everything seems to have been long forgotten! Fear not, autumn lovers. The roads are still snow-free and the leaves are still falling in

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Pumpkin Spice Yogurt: A Taste Test

Quick: you’re a basic girl what’s your number one accessory for fall? The first two words you utter HAVE to be pumpkin spice, and from there it’s a bit like Mad Libs: latte, Oreos, M&Ms, cream cheese, bagels, pizza (I kid you not, this was a THING this year), bleach (turns out this was a hoax … but don’t lie, some of you would TOTALLY buy this), candles, cake, yogurt

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5 Colorful Kids Crafts for Fall

Fall might be full of brightly-colored leaves and beautiful scenery, but the season also means a lot of raking—especially for those people living in older neighborhoods. If you’re dreading the constant raking season, you might consider putting those leaves too good use! If you need some colorful, new crafting ideas for the little ones, the following are 5 cool crafts that you can do with the multi-colored leaves that are

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Cinnamon Spice Roasted Pepitas

Okay, this is going to sound REALLY weird, but: I totally HATE pumpkin seeds, but LOVER pepitas. I can hear some of you, back there in the last row of the classroom, muttering at me that they are the same thing. Well, not really … all pepitas are pumpkin seeds, but not all pumpkin seeds are pepitas. Okay, pumpkin seeds as you scoop them out of a pumpkin (what up,

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Caramel Apple Mug Cake

Fall weather FINALLY made an appearance last week. So, what did I do? Immediately went into full-scale jonesing for an apple pie. There’s something about crisp air (with a hint of wood smoke at night because: FIRE PITS) that sends my brain into a tailspin over apples. It’s not like I don’t eat apples all year round (almost everyday), but there’s something special about apples in fall … I stumbled

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