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Kuri is the Most Tantalizing Robot on the Market

We sure do love our technology around here, and it comes as no surprise that robots often find their way into our blogs either for discussion purposes or for our sheer joy and entertainment. Today’s topic is a little bit of both, since I absolutely cannot deny the adorableness of this little character, nor can I deny its complexity and convenience in the comfort of our homes. Do I have

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How to Find Local Coding and STEM Youth Programs

Summer is the perfect time for adults and kids to sharpen their technology related skills. Most likely, you know that “STEM” is hot! Parents, business leaders, and educators want to improve education in science, technology, engineering, and math. Local STEM youth programs are a perfect way to give your children a head start while they have fun! Now is the time when many families plan summer activities. We previously mentioned

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5 Colorful Kids Crafts for Fall

Fall might be full of brightly-colored leaves and beautiful scenery, but the season also means a lot of raking—especially for those people living in older neighborhoods. If you’re dreading the constant raking season, you might consider putting those leaves too good use! If you need some colorful, new crafting ideas for the little ones, the following are 5 cool crafts that you can do with the multi-colored leaves that are

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Leaving So Soon? How to Throw a Going Away Party!

There’s one thing that everyone in the Silicon Valley can agree on, and it’s that the Bay Area is a place of fast turnover. Okay, maybe two – the second being that bacon is delicious. But back to the first, I’ve never lived anywhere else where people change jobs, change apartments, and change significant others so quickly! With this much shuffling, you may have found yourself throwing a good-bye party

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Fondue You Love It? 3 Ways Fondue Will Kickstart Your Holiday Gatherings

This is the time of the year when our social calendars get sent into overdrive. However you celebrate them, the Holidays are the one time of the year that you’ll see that great-aunt from Idaho and she’ll ask you if you’ve ever met that ‘nice boy who started that face-space on the Internet!’ Luckily, here in the Silicon Valley, we know how to party, and one of the best ways

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