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When is a Salad Not a Salad? When it’s a Bowl

Silicon Valley is famous for innovation. Here’s where Steve Jobs founded Apple, where Google set up shop, and it’s the home of Facebook. When it comes to trends, the Bay Area prides itself on being ‘first’ for everything…including the latest food trends! But I have to call the latest one out as a weak way to try to make a salad about $15 more than it needs to be: ‘Health

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Time To Watch Football? Score a Touchdown With These 5 Tasty Dips!

It’s football season, and this usually means plenty of weekend snacking, beer drinking, and smack talking! Though the Superbowl is still months away, the afternoon couch-sitting has already begun. When it’s a favorite team’s game day, of course the party’s at your house, right? But who wants to serve up the same old spread of chips and bean dip? Or cheese dip? Or, salsa-in-a-jar dip? We Bay Area foodies won’t

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Artisan Ice: The New Way To Enjoy Your Drink ‘On The Rocks’

Usually, we think of foodies enjoying a wide range of gastrointestinal delights and washing them down with something neutral; water, soda, iced tea, or beer.  The beverage usually gets second billing when it comes to going out to eat, it’s an afterthought or add-on, really. I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered that there’s a subset of foodies who take their drinks as seriously as their food.  This seriousness manifests

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