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Catch of the Day: The Kennebunk Inn and Shanna O’Hea

It is the sweet and tangy smell of the fresh catch of the day. It is the open air, and the chance for a little adventure. It is warm and inviting, with the feeling of a rich history unfolding itself before you. Welcome to the Kennebunk Inn. Located in the heart of Kennebunk village in the state of Maine, the Kennebunk Inn was built in 1799 and has since served

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Bobby and Jamie Deen Are Filming a New Food Network Show; ‘Southern Fried Road Trip’!

If you’re into food, you’re probably familiar with the Food Network and the shows it features such as Chopped, Cutthroat Kitchen, and Pioneer Woman.  There’s never a surfeit of great shows, and they’d be just fine leaving the line-up as-is. Lucky for us, they’ll do no such thing!  Bobby and Jamie Deen (the sons of the oft-vilified Paula Deen) are quietly filming a new series that they’ll talk about/not talk

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