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Not Your Typical Tailgate Food: Jalapeño Popper Stuffed Dates

Over the weekend I bought a ginormous bag of dates at Costco, because hey: dates are yummy, full of fiber, and when you’re packing lunches for the week sometimes you need to switch things up. So, now I’m the proud owner of a three pound bag of dates. #givemeallyourdaterecipes I’ve had exactly two brainwaves about what to do with my bag full of dates: jalapeño popper stuffed dates and Indiana

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Hurricane Harvey: Food Industry Showing up Big for Victims

If you haven’t had your head in the sand for the last week and a bit, then it’s likely your fairly well-informed about Hurricane Harvey. The category 4 hurricane made waves as it hit land on Friday night, and it continued to rip through Texas well through the weekend. Even in the aftermath of what could be considered the “worst” part of the storm, Texas is still experiencing falling rain

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Charcoal Food is the New and Improved Black

The latest and greatest in food trends has a few of us scratching our heads in confusion. It’s much like the reaction I had to my discussion about the burnt pizza trend. (Which has a similar approach to food, but still seems even more confusing than this new one. I still need someone to explain to me why burnt pizza was ever a thing?) Anyways, you might have heard about

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Think You Can Find an Amazing Burger as Good as This?

In a leisurely stroll through my Facebook news feed, I recently came across an ad. Now, most of the time I ignore these ads…no wait that’s not true. I’m actually quite often sucked into them, so this ad bares no special difference. HOWEVER, it wasn’t a sale or free item that I was interested in…this time, it was a photo. And that photo was of an incredibly amazing burger. I

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Increases in Food Allergies Make for a Sad Day

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…we love technology, and we love food. And when we heard that food allergies in children have been on the rise, well, that made us very sad. Food is amazing! And with so many amazing things to be tried and enjoyed, it’s not a good news day when you learn that kids all over the place are struggling not only to enjoy

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