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Lightened-Up Patatas Bravas

Summertime is tapas time. And tapas means one thing – well, okay it means a lot of little things, sharing with friends, and of course: wine – to me, patatas bravas. No, really: PATATAS BRAVAS. I had never had this delight of a dish until this past April (looking at you Asheville) and right out of the gate I was smitten. It never occurred to me to even try and

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Fried Pickles, Please!

I know what you burger lovers are probably thinking, gross. A pickle on it’s own is perfect. Stick to basics. Gerkin, Dill, sour or half sour, why change the norm? However, we’re in America! Everything should be fried and tested at least once in our lives. I too was a non-believer once. I saw the glass half empty and was utterly repulsed, like many others, when I saw Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi try

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