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Hoop Maps Has Got Game

When I was younger, all I wanted to do was get my friends to walk to nearby school with me to shoot hoops or play a game of HORSE. It was one of the most fun things to do on a school night and moms couldn’t say no because EXERCISE. I’ve noticed as I get older however, that a lot of those great hoops that were once super new and

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Apps That Turn Your Chores Into a Game

Video games are well known for how well they hook the player into persisting to reach goals and to level up. Sometimes people feel more motivated to level up in their game than in their “real life.” This phenomenon led developers to explore gamification of daily life. Apps that merge gameplay with daily activities may motivate you to workout, clean house or complete tasks on your to-do list. The best-known

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Restful Sleep From a Video Game? Try Calming Lia

Many people find games relaxing and almost meditative. However, sometimes these games wind us up rather than unwind us. Calming Lia is a puzzle style game designed to help relax the player before bedtime.  Mingle Games released Calming Lia for free download for iPhone and iPad players. The object is to save Lia from her nightmares. Help Lia and her plush bear save her dreams from the Boogie Man. Players

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Stealth Fitness Turns Planks Into a Game

STEALTH by Stealth Fitness turns planks and other core work into a game. The system includes the STEALTH Core Trainer and partner app. They are currently crowdfunding through Kickstarter and expect to ship the system to backers in June 2016. According to Stealth Fitness, the system “uses custom game play on your smartphone to train 29 core muscles with unlimited workouts in 3 minutes a day?” The Core Trainer looks

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Overwatch by Blizzard Entertainment is a Global Hit

It is official, Overwatch By Blizzard Entertainment is a global hit! Blizzard entertainment’s breakout game Overwatch was played by more than 7 million people since the game’s launch on May 24, 2016. “We’re thrilled to welcome console and PC gamers everywhere to the future world of Overwatch,” said Mike Morhaime, CEO, and cofounder of Blizzard Entertainment. “We’ve worked hard to create a team shooter that anyone can enjoy, with rewarding cooperative

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