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Best Brunch Recipe Ever

This is a very loaded title; I am well-aware. But if you’re looking for the best brunch meal ever, you’re probably reading the right article. My friend and I recently put something together and it was the fastest, easiest and most delicious brunch item I’ve eaten in a very long time. Maybe ever. Everything before this has now been erased. For peanut allergies, please be warned that there are spoilers

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Cranberry and Pecan Granola

I don’t know about you, but now that spring has made itself known I feel the need to break free from some of my normal “winter” foods. Confession: I’m a bit like a bear; all I want to do all winter is eat carbs and sleep. However as soon as the days get longer I jump all over fresh, light things: greens, berries, yogurt (more on this later), water, and

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