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Don’t Sweat It: Healthy Living Hacks for Slackers

Like many people, I yearn for the perfect summer body. However, I consider myself the very epitome of laziness. I would much rather Netflix and chill with a bag of Doritos than hit the gym or work out complicated meal plans. Given that my budget is tight as well, I’m not likely to sign up for expensive fad diets or fresh meal boxes. Living healthy is important, but slacking is

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Four New Companies for Healthy Eating

Whether it’s gluten free or vegetarian, many Americans are on the hunt for healthier food.  Grocery stores are full of prepackaged, ready to eat meals and we know that these aren’t good for us or the environment, but we choose to eat them anyway because they are accessible and easy to prepare.  Many housewives dream of buying all organic foods and cooking “green” meals but don’t have the time.  This

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