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This is the Year You Drink More Water

It’s a brand-new year, which means now is the time to try some new recipes, ogle over some new tech and drink more water! Oh, yes folks, with all of those long lists of resolutions pouring in, I wanted to hand out one simplistic resolution; one that would be easy to keep up with, and extremely effective in helping us to stay healthy. Even though you might already have a

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Experience the Best Holidays Yet with These Healthy Eating Habits!

The holidays are coming, which means I am already thinking about some healthy eating habits. Not necessarily because I plan to pass on the stuffing or skip the chocolate truffles, but because I know that this time of the year there is food everywhere. Seriously. There’s appetizers every which way you turn, and more dessert trays than Shaquille O’Neal could handle. It’s all delicious, and it’s all very tempting. Quite

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The Best Protein Balls to Keep You Going

You might have been looking for a protein ball recipe, and you might not have been. Either way, you’re here and we think it happened for a reason. Even if you don’t know what the heck protein balls are, we’d suggest you give this quick read a few minutes of your time and before you know it you’ll have the knowledge to make super-simple protein balls to snack on all

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How to Make a Healthy Breakfast for Fast, Fun, Flavorable Fuel

Are you looking for a healthy breakfast that is fast and flavorable? Do you want to be excited about your morning meal, instead of chasing it down with coffee or skipping it all together? Breakfast is an extremely important part of starting your day right, and being excited about this meal can really help to ensure your body gets the energy and nutrients it needs to power you through your

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4 Tips to Actually Get Yourself to Eat Your Healthy Foods

General confession: If there is a salad in my fridge and a microwave dinner…I am all over that mac and cheese like nobody’s business. And I know a lot of people feel the same way! Even though I know it isn’t true, sometimes I feel like putting a salad together will be a lot of work, or that it’s going to taste like crap. Just crap. So, as I slowly

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