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Get Ready to Rumble: Cranberry Pie with Walnut Crumble

NOBODY PANIC BUT THANKSGIVING IS NEXT WEEK. No really, it is. I checked. Twice. There’s something that happens every year in November to my calendar skills; I lose a week. Every year. I always think I have ANOTHER WEEK before the best holiday ever. I’m still convinced that Thanksgiving isn’t next week even though I started this post out by telling you, me, and everyone else that it’s next week.

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Cranberry Thumbprint Cookies

Say it with me: COOKIES. I love cookies almost (if not more) as much as I love pie and coffee, which if you’ve met me says a lot (because pie and coffee). Cookies are my kryptonite. I can’t have them in the house. I WILL EAT THEM. December is a hard month for me as cookies are a natural accompaniment to the holidays. I mean, I’m pretty sure I could

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Best Chicken Dish for Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving well under way, I wanted to make a confession: I’m grateful for all of the delicious turkey and stuffing…but sometimes I just seriously prefer a juicy piece of chicken. I knowwww…the turkey gods are offended. And I understand! I can get down with the turkey and gravy for one night but after that, I just have to switch it up. Whether you feel the same way or not,

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The Art of Napkin Folding

Somehow the week of Thanksgiving always seems to be the BUSIEST week of the year for me, between it being Stir-Up Sunday (yes, I make boozy Christmas pudding) and Thanksgiving (all the pies are being made by me, yessir they are … and the pie crusts too), plus there’s the off chance (read: highly likely) I will get sick, because it’s what I do. #IwillNOTgetsickthisyear Craziness aside, I have found, over

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Salted Apple Cider Caramels

Not to panic anyone, but Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK. Let that settle in for a moment. You okay? I think I have a mild case of panic and the only thing I have to worry about making this year is pie (she says as she orders a turkey breast to roast because OMG, TURKEY) … but, really: how, HOW, is Thanksgiving next week? For those of us lucky enough to

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