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Simple as Do, Re, Mi: Peppermint Chocolate Discs

Yes. Hi. Hello. Christmas is LESS than a week away. I KNOW. I’m not ready, in case you’re wondering. Every year I say I’m not going to do this, that I will not get caught up in the whatever and this year I will be prepared and have an easy-breezy Christmastime. And here we’ve come to the part where I throw my head back an laugh till I cry. I’m

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The Best Gingerbread Snowflakes for Your Holiday Season

When it comes to the holidays, nothing beats the amazing meals and desserts that grace the tables of aunts and grandmas everywhere. As an adult, I’ve become increasingly aware of how much work actually gets put into all of the deliciousness that is the winter holidays, and it helped me to appreciate all of the delicacies that much more. What this also made me realize, is that I should be making an effort to

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Top Must-Have Toys Kids Will Love This Holiday

It’s never easy finding those must-have toys that kids start raving about as soon as Halloween ends. However, it’s the holidays, which means parents will be doing their best to find everything on their children’s perfectly drawn-up lists. Lots of girls and boys (who have been good) are going to be opening up some pretty sweet tech and toys this holiday season, which means we get to fill you in

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Get Ready to Rumble: Cranberry Pie with Walnut Crumble

NOBODY PANIC BUT THANKSGIVING IS NEXT WEEK. No really, it is. I checked. Twice. There’s something that happens every year in November to my calendar skills; I lose a week. Every year. I always think I have ANOTHER WEEK before the best holiday ever. I’m still convinced that Thanksgiving isn’t next week even though I started this post out by telling you, me, and everyone else that it’s next week.

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Cranberry Thumbprint Cookies

Say it with me: COOKIES. I love cookies almost (if not more) as much as I love pie and coffee, which if you’ve met me says a lot (because pie and coffee). Cookies are my kryptonite. I can’t have them in the house. I WILL EAT THEM. December is a hard month for me as cookies are a natural accompaniment to the holidays. I mean, I’m pretty sure I could

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