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Salty and Sweet: Dipped Clementines

Cooks have always known this simple rule: salt brings out the flavor in things. I’m not talking about over salted snacks that make your mouth run dry and send you searching for water like a man lost in the desert. No, I’m talking about the subtle kiss of salt in dishes, especially sweet dishes, that makes you close your eyes and pause a bit to revel in the bliss of

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The Best Tofu Meal You’ll Have This Week

I have always loved a good tofu meal, but I’ve hated cooking it. Anyone feel me? What is the deal with always ending up with squishy tofu that squeezed out water and was never anything close to the restaurant tofu I was always obsessing over!? I followed lots of recipes, but I could never figure it out. Turns out, it was impatience that got to me. Waiting for the water

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How to Improve Your Restaurant Success

As someone who used to be a server in the big, bustling city of Toronto, I became very aware of the drive for restaurant success early on. Not only was I serving, bussing and entertaining from the early afternoon to the early morning hours, but you also learned pretty quickly just how big a part food plays in the culture of Toronto. Every corner has something different, whether you want sushi,

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How to Turn Your Instagram Photos into Powerful Art

The social media platform Instagram has become a giant in the last couple of years, giving users the power to express themselves, display their life in photos, share funny memes and even make a full-time income. (If you should be so lucky!) Some people use it for very simple uses like showing family members how the kids are doing, while others take their posting decisions very seriously. Some users create

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How to Create an Impressive Plate of Tilapia

I had no idea what I was doing when I bought tilapia, nor do I ever know what I’m doing when I buy fish. I rely heavily on the instructions on the bag, and I don’t usually stray from what they suggest in terms of times, measurements and the fancy recipe added on the back. However, it’s come to my attention that I’m not the only person who struggles with

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