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If You’re Craving Ice Cream You Are in for a Sweet and Sour Treat!

Imagine yourself on a hot day, you are probably sweating from all that heat, tired and wishing you had something cold in your mouth, something like ice cream. Now you know you can get ice cream from your nearest store, but, no, you do not like any of the flavors. Strawberry, vanilla, blueberry, too common. Well, what about sour patch kids ice cream? Why not go for something sweet, and

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Roasted Buttered Cherries

I may have accidentally, totally on purpose, bought two pounds of fresh dark red, beautifully sweet cherries. They were on sale for under $2.00 a pound – which, I don’t know what part of the world you live in, but that RARELY happens here – so I totally went a bit cross-eyed in the produce section and bought two pounds. It occurs to me now, as I type this, that

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Quick and Easy Treat: Affogato

It’s hot. It’s humid. I still want my coffee. Really, there’s not much that separates me from my daily infusion of caffeine. But sometimes the oppressive summerness makes one have to get creative (here’s how to make iced coffee two ways if you’re feeling the need). There’s also something about summer that ramps up my usually dormant need for ice cream (it’s the heat, it does things to my hindbrain).

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