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The Best Requests at Starbucks You Can Make

Once in a while, when you’re waiting for your coffee, you hear some ridiculous requests at Starbucks. Like, it’s seriously something you just can’t believe is a real thing, and those brave souls at the cash register put on a smile and say, “Sure thing! I’d love to do 6 cartwheels and heat your drink by the warmth of the sun! Coming right up!” Okay, it’s not that ridiculous. But

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Artisan Ice: The New Way To Enjoy Your Drink ‘On The Rocks’

Usually, we think of foodies enjoying a wide range of gastrointestinal delights and washing them down with something neutral; water, soda, iced tea, or beer.  The beverage usually gets second billing when it comes to going out to eat, it’s an afterthought or add-on, really. I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered that there’s a subset of foodies who take their drinks as seriously as their food.  This seriousness manifests

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