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Halloween Snacks Made Perfect for Your Little Monsters

  Halloween snacks can get really morbid if that’s what you’re into, but when you’re trying to feed a group of kids some very realistic looking eyeballs, chances are you’ll lose a few fans. There’s a fine line between getting your kids into the Halloween spirit, and totally scaring the crap out of them. (The latter can be quite funny, but that’s not what we’re here for today.) Today we’re

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Best Food Gifts for Father’s Day Your Dad Will Love

No one said you had to be the smartest shopper, but when it comes time to find something perfect for your old man, a little bit of thought can go a long way. It might be a little bit easier when it comes to choosing a gift for dear old mom, but we’ve got to admit that it gets trickier when it comes to finding something that won’t make dad

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5 Colorful Kids Crafts for Fall

Fall might be full of brightly-colored leaves and beautiful scenery, but the season also means a lot of raking—especially for those people living in older neighborhoods. If you’re dreading the constant raking season, you might consider putting those leaves too good use! If you need some colorful, new crafting ideas for the little ones, the following are 5 cool crafts that you can do with the multi-colored leaves that are

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Ideas to Expand Your iPhone or iPad’s Storage

Do you ever wish your iPhone or iPad had more storage space? Some users who opt for a less expensive phone or tablet quickly find they have a storage space issue. Apps, music, video, photographs all use storage space. Unfortunately, IOS devices do not typically allow the user to add storage space. There are numerous products on the market that expand your IOS device’s storage. A Round-Up of iPhone & iPad

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5 Ways to Dad’s Heart

Father’s Day is just days away and you still can’t figure out what to get for him? Well, everyone knows that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Why not go for the gusto this year and get him what he really wants? Here are 5 great ways to touch Dad where it matters. Did you say Bacon? Most men absolutely love bacon and honestly, it’s one

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