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How to Improve Your Restaurant Success

As someone who used to be a server in the big, bustling city of Toronto, I became very aware of the drive for restaurant success early on. Not only was I serving, bussing and entertaining from the early afternoon to the early morning hours, but you also learned pretty quickly just how big a part food plays in the culture of Toronto. Every corner has something different, whether you want sushi,

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5 Foods to Heal the Heart

If you’re having a bad day, even the sunshine might not be enough to make you smile- so how about a snack? It’s be shown that many ingredients from your local grocery store can actually help improve moods and fight depression. Feel like feeling better? Give a few of these foods a shot to help you smile: Dark Chocolate No, this is not a joke! Dark chocolate actually has a

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7 Simple Tricks To Improve Your Daily Silicon Valley Commute

It’s no secret that the roadways in the Silicon Valley are becoming increasingly congested and that there’s no difference between commute hours, off-peak hours, or the weekends: it’s just crowded. I thought that by switching my career track, I’d avoid all the commute madness, but no dice – it’s busy on the roads at any time of the day! The worst byproduct of all this traffic isn’t just the wear

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